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What is Pilates?

Pilates is form of balance, flexibility and strength training which emphasises the role of posture, core and spinal strength, whilst utilising breathing techniques. One of the most unique aspects of Pilates is that the practice focusses on the mind and body connection, allowing you to be conscious of your breathing and the ways in which the body moves.
Pilates is extremely versatile in the ways in which it can be modified to provide a gentle strength and flexibility training program, or an intense workout. Pilates is suitable for both beginners and those who already exercise regularly at an intense level. Pilates is highly effective in toning of the abdominal area, legs, arms and thighs. Pilates is fantastic for incorporating into your training program as it helps to keep strong and fit.
Pilates works to lengthen and stretch the major muscle groups of the body. Your muscles are never worked too intensely, thus there is no sweating involved and no straining of the muscles occurs.


What are the Benefits of Pilates?

1. Creates Strength Without Bulk: Utilising eccentric contractions allows for long, lean and strong muscles

2. Improves Flexibility: Pilates involves increasing in length and stretching the muscles, whilst increasing the range of motion within the joints to a safe point.

3. Develops and Improves Core Strength: Pilates utilises and strengthens the core muscles of the body, including the deep muscles of the back, abdomen and pelvic floor.

4. Improves Posture: Good posture represents correct alignment, which is provided by a strong core. When the core is strong, the frame of the body is supported, and the muscles and joints are relaxed and able to focus on their own roles and thus do not have to overwork.

5. Pilates Increases Energy: Pilates works to naturally stimulate the spine and muscles through breath and circulation, whilst also stimulating endorphin release, all of which naturally increase energy levels within the body.

6. Weight Loss and Toning: Through pilates ability to burn a large amount of calories whilst creating long and strong muscles, muscle tonnage occurs whilst weight loss is increased.

7. Increased Awareness and Body + Mind Connection: The principles of pilates: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow- are essential concepts used for integrating the body and mind

8. Provides a Full Body Workout: Pilates does not develop some parts of the body whilst neglecting others. Pilates focuses on utilising and developing core strength, whilst training the body as an integrated whole.

Where, When, and What to Bring?

Here at Taylored Physiotherapy, we offer weekly pilate classes. The classes are run by Susan who is a core strength and rehab coach. The classes are small and personal, ensuring technique is correct and each minute is utilised. The classes consist of low-impact flexibility along with muscular strength and endurance movements. The schedules for classes are as follows:
Tuesday’s: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Tuesday’s: 7pm-8pm
Friday’s: 12:30pm-1:30pm

What to Bring?
Nothing! As long as you are dressed in some comfy activewear you are set. If you would like to use your own yoga matt, you are more than welcome to. Just like any new experience, it is important to bring a positive mind set to your first pilates class, they are lots of fun!!

Reformer pilates utilises the reformer machine and is generally more intense that matt based pilates as it provides resistance to each movement due to the springs which sit at the bottom of the reformer. Reformer pilates is highly effective in improving overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Single reformer classes are available by appointment. To book an appointment please contact Susan on 0409 712 822 or 9659 4540.