Understand Your Body Better
The 'Hands On' Physiotherapists

At Taylored Physiotherapy we offer a unique 'Hands On' evidence based solution to your problem.

To often we hear about patients being hooked up to a multitude of machines, while the therapist attends to other clients. Not at Taylored Physiotherapy, we provide manual therapy to treat your specific injury.

During our assessment process we not only diagnose the injury, we offer an explanation as to why this happened. We believe this benefits our patients the most, as it increases compliance with the injury rehabilitation process, thereby decreasing the chance of similar injury.

We say at Taylored Physiotherapy, knowledge is power

By taking the time to explain your injury using our many charts and anatomical models, we try to empower our patients to a healthier body and mind, leading to a better quality of life.

Ever wondered if your choice of exercise for better health was doing you more harm than good?

At Taylored Physiotherapy we specialize in exercise prescription. We can do a musculo skeletal screen and exercise history to provide you with the activities that will maximize your health.

We can offer advice on anything from how to get started on a walking program, what shoes to wear, or how to train for the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon or a multitude of sports in between.



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