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Taylored Physiotherapy

At Taylored Physiotherapy, our aim is to provide you with great service, professional treatment and to ensure you understand and become educated about your problems and methods to best manage them for the long term. Our priority is for our customers to feel recharged, energised and experience the many benefits physiotherapy has to offer. Our goal is to ensure we are able to help clients in reaching their health and activity goals.

Principal Physiotherapist


Principle and director Darren Taylor has 20 plus years of experience in private practice within the Hills area. Over this time, he has completed many continuing education courses including the comprehensive Connect Therapy Series (Dr LJ Lee), Level Two Sports Physiotherapy and numerous other courses focussing on many different parts of the body. Darren has worked with an array of athletes and everyday individuals to help those who are competing in the highest and lowest levels of competition to remain injury and pain free, strong and allow for accelerated recovery and performance. Methods used include dry needling, connect therapy and manual therapy in order to help relieve pain and to strengthen and improve injuries.