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You can never go wrong by gifting someone something that works to improve their quality of life. Here at Taylored Physiotherapy we are passionate about all thing’s health, wellness, recovery and pain free living. We know December can be a stressful month, and with the pressure of Christmas gifts it can be become quite overwhelming. Therefore, at Taylored Physiotherapy we have have created a list of unique gift ideas that are thoughtful and perfect for everyone!


Cryotherapy Gift Voucher – $50 per session

Cryotherapy originated in Japan during 1978 and was used traditionally to treat Rheumatoid arthritis. Cryotherapy is a natural, non-invasive and effective hyper-cooling treatment using liquid nitrogen to create cold dry air inside a chamber. The air in the chamber is cooled between -110oC to -170oC, for up to three minutes. Exposing the body to intense and cold temperatures for a short period of time aids in flushing the skin and muscle tissues with enriched oxygenated blood allowing for detoxification, collagen production, anti-inflammatories and endorphins. Cryotherapy is highly effective in enhancing performance and recovery, relieving chronic pain and arthritis and providing a boost in health and general wellbeing. It is a holistic and highly effective approach to health and recovery.
At the practice we are offering gift vouchers for cryotherapy with a current special of $50 per session. Cryotherapy gift vouchers are perfect for someone who is training for a sporting event, someone suffering from acute and chronic pain, someone who is interested in health and wellness, or someone who just needs a general boost in health.

Remedial Massage Voucher-  $60

What better way to let someone know they are appreciated than providing them the ultimate relaxation experience? Here at Taylored Physiotherapy a qualified remedial massage therapist is available by appointment. Massage is used to work and act on the body through the application of pressure. Remedial massage is the ultimate treatment for stress and pain within the body. Susan, our massage therapist is highly knowledgeable about a range of essential oils and implements them into the session. The use of essential oils makes for the most revitalising and blissful experience whereby you will leave feeling renewed and relaxed. To gift someone this blissful experience this holidays season, contact us on 9659 4540 or contact Susan directly on 0409 712 822.

Pilate Classes and Private Reformer Pilate Sessions–  Classes ($15)  Private Reformer Sessions ($60)

At Taylored Physiotherapy we offer both pilate classes and private pilate sessions. Pilates is form of balance, flexibility and strength training which emphasises the role of posture, core and spinal strength, whilst utilising breathing techniques. One of the most unique aspects of Pilates is that the practice focusses on the mind and body connection, allowing you to be conscious of your breathing and the ways in which the body moves. A pilates class voucher is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who does or someone who wants to start taking better care of their overall wellness. We don’t always take the best care of our own posture, health, and mind and body connection. Gifting someone the ability to begin is such a thoughtful and unique gift. Pilates is a great little hobby and practice to take up over the summer break, which has been proven to transform lifestyles and quality of life. Call us on 9659 4540 or contact Susan directly on 0409 712 822 to organise a gift voucher for a specific number of pilate classes or private reformer pilates session with Susan.

OBUSFORME Low Back Support Cushion – Please Inquire

The brace is strapped to your seat and aids in healing lower back pain whilst improving spine alignment all by ensuring you are using the correct posture when seated. The OPUSFORME lower back support cushion is perfect for anyone you know who may work long hours at a desk or who may suffer from back pain. The gift of pain free living is a really thoughtful gift that will be appreciated and used for many years to come.


Foam Rollers and Trigger Point Therapy Balls – Under $35 Items

Foam rollers and trigger point balls are self-massage items that are used to release muscle tightness or trigger points (knots within muscles) and apply pressure to specific points, promoting the recovery of muscles. Deep compression helps to break up and relax tight muscles and adhesions that have formed between muscle layers and their surroundings. Deep compression through foam rolling and trigger point balls allows normal blood flow to return and therefore the restoration of healthy tissue. Foam rollers and trigger point balls are the perfect Christmas gift for someone who is recovering from an injury or someone who is regularly exercising and therefore needs to regularly recover. They are the perfect self-care and injury prevention tools and are a super affordable option for a Christmas gift.

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